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Tess, 15 years old, Canadian. In love with the animals, cooking, piano, swimming, running, travelling, and Earth's sheer beauty.
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Things that I am grateful for lately:

~ I had my graduation/goodbye out of the daytreatment program last Wednesday and it was amazing
~I’m free
~I’m loving my new school
~I just celebrated one of my best friends sweet sixteen yesterday in Toronto
~ I am starting my coop placement at a vet office tomorrow
~I got a job at another vet place and I will be starting my training tomorrow
~I’m having my sweet sixteen party in 2 weekends
~There is only 18 more days till my birthday
~On October 15 I’m going to my favourite band Bastille’s concert
~On October 21 I’m going on a hot air balloon ride as my graduation out of daytreatment
~On Halloween me and my aunt are going to Churchill Manitoba to see the polar bears
~It’s starting to feel more and more like fall which is my favourite season
~I’ve noticed that my running is improving

kinglygift has said: I love ur blog !!! Pls lets be friends hny xx 🐰💐👱

Awwwe thanks!!! For sure!!

fluffyynightmare has said: I was wondering how do you make almontella??

I didn’t make that my sister brought it back from Spain for me